Coil – Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil (2000)

Thighpaulsandra, Coil's Welsh synthesizer demon.

This album is amazing, and increases in intensity as it goes on. If you’ve only heard early albums like Horse Rotorvator and Love’s Secret Domain, you need to get this to find out what Coil were really about.

It was released during what John Balance referred to as their “moon musick” period, and it is one of the first albums to feature Thighpaulsandra as a permanent member of the band (he was a full-time member from 1999 through to the death of John Balance in 2004). His presence is impossible to miss, and it is clear that his extensive collection of analogue synthesizers had a huge impact on the band’s sound. This thing is full of distorted analogue synth drones, and lots of stereo attacks from squelchy modulating synths. The 27-minute closing-track ‘Tunnel of Goats’ can be overwhelming if your speakers are loud enough. So play it loud! THIS is what electronic music should sound like.

If you like it, try out Time Machines next. That album has a similar approach, but it is much less intense and a bit more hallucinatory.


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